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Pride Parade


in solidarity with our colleagues in the Baltimore-Washington, Dakotas, Florida, Holston, Rio Texas, Michigan, North Georgia, Oklahoma, Virginia, Missouri, California-Pacific, Great Plains, Memphis, Susquehanna, New York, Minnesota, North Texas, Central Texas, Desert Southwest, Iowa, North Carolina, and Wisconsin Annual Conferences, and the UMC in Germany, Norway, and Denmark

This Open Letter from the undersigned clergy and lay members of the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church laments the harm done by the General Conference of 2019 and pledges to continue the work for full inclusion of persons who are LGBTQIA+ in the UMC.

We, the undersigned clergy and lay members of the Texas Annual Conference, mourn the harm done by the recent global gathering of our denomination known as the General Conference. We grieve the actions of this General Conference in tightening restrictions on the ordination of LGBTQ clergy and maintaining prohibitions against our clergy performing same-gender weddings. These actions continue the pain and oppression of our LGBTQ siblings and damage both our members and our Christian witness to the world. We seek to be a diverse, global church, but, contrary to that vision, these actions perpetuate discrimination and exclusion.

However, these actions will not change what we believe or how we act. We who represent the diversity of the Texas Annual Conference, including persons who are LGBTQ and allies, say together, “You are beloved children of God, and you are beloved by us.” The actions of this General Conference do not reflect the hopes and dreams of 2/3 of the U.S. delegates who voted in favor of a more inclusive church. More importantly, we believe they do not reflect the hopes and dreams of God.

Too often, our silence as clergy and lay Christians has done harm. We therefore commit to be silent no longer. We will advocate and work for the full inclusion of all people in Christ's church, and we humbly ask for the prayers and forgiveness of all we have failed or forgotten.

We believe that God has not yet finished working in or through The United Methodist Church or the Texas Annual Conference and hope you will join us in this work.

Dr. A. W. Galli
Aaron Dudley
Aaron Reese
Dr.Adam Brown

Alan Richard
Alex Malone
Alfred & Georgiana  Zustovich
Alfred Green
Alice Phillips
Alice S. Wilson
Alisa Strength
Alison Patrick
Alison Strand
Alix Ambler
Allan Parsons

Allison Gower
Allison Sullivan
Allison Trevino
Allyson Jenkins
Alyce Williams
Alyssa Kapusta
Amanda Horton
Amanda Molina
Amber Mollhagen
Amy Behrman
Amy Harrelson
Amy Kirk
Amy L Hume
Amy Richards
Amy Stevens

Amy Taylor
Amy Vogel
Amy Womack
Andrea Molineu
Dr. Andrea Taylor
Andrew Ista
Andrew Rossi

Andrew Steptowe
Rev. Andrew Wolfe
Andy Rhodes
Ange Grout
Angel Ramirez
Angela Madole
Angela Smith
Rev. Anita Dinwiddie
Ann Hendrix

Ann Hoge
Ann Houston
Ann Johnson
Ann Molinaro
Ann Paxton
Ann Pierce Arnett
Ann Turney
Ann Weiss
Ann Williams
Ann Yeoman
Ann-Margaret Dudley
Anna Anderson
Anna E (Beez) Beasley
Anna Marchand
Anna Teagarden
Anne Culver
Anne Haass
Annette Isaacson
Archer McWhorter
Arlene Wells
Arthur McGimsey
Arthur Poehler
Ashley Brooks
Ashley Hamlin
Ashley McPhail
Ashley Winship
Audrey E. McGann
Audrey Griggs
B. Coleman
B. Schollnberger
Bailee Rettig
Barbara Bamberg
Barbara Buckner   
Barbara Cooper

Barbara Easterly
Barbara Nye
Barbara Ragland
Rev. Barbara Robberson
Barbara Winderman
Barry Barrios
Barry Browning
Barry Dean
Becky French
Becky Oates
Ben Elmore
Ben Wells
Benjamin Parva
Beryl Hogshead
Beth & Bob Brown
Beth Dudley
Betty K. Bynes

Dr. Betty Cartmell
Betty Owens Geary
Betty P. Owens
Betty Sue Loden
Betty T. Chapman

Beverly B. McMahon
Beverly Cragg
Beverly J. Linney

Beverly Lively

Rev. Beverly Green Tune
Bill Chapman
Rev.Bill Fuqua
Bill Gaupp
Bill Isaacson
Dr. Bill Kerley
Bill Land
Bill Schubert
Rev. Bill Taylor
Bill Tune
Bill Wilkins
Billy Smoot
Billye Turner
Bob Mahlstedt
Bob Manchester
Rev. Bob Webb
Rev. Bobbie Maltas
Rev. Bodie Gilbert, ABC clergy
Bonnie Pengra
Bonnie Sandberg
Bonnie Vedlitz
Bradley Harmes
Bradley Richards
Brandi Woods
Brenda and Randy Wright
Brenda Bassham
Brenda McClendon
Brendan Peoples
Brent Matl
Bret Baccus
Brett Falkenhagen
Brian Clyde Smith II

Brian Grafton
Brian Little
Britt D. & Mary Alice Davis

Brooke Summers-Perry
Brooks Ballard
Bruce Coffman
Bruce W Dinwiddie
Bryan Pawlik
Burke Randolph
Rev. C.J. Taylor
Camille Cunningham
Cammie Tipton Amini
Candace Kyle
Candella Musselman
Candy Howard
Carey Gregg
Carl Sandlin
Carla  Wynn
Carla Burchard
Carla Oakes Clark
Carleen Woods
Carmen Velez
Carol Gay
Carol Hill
Dr. Carol Kershaw
Carol LeBoeuf
Carol Munn
Carol Parker
Carol Riley
Carol Temescu
Carole Gard
Carolina Conn
Caroline Ferron
Caroline Hilton
Carolyn Ebelt Franks
Carolyn Marks Johnson
Carolyn Mead
Carolyn Rice
Carolyn Rominger
Carolyn Thompson

Carrie Campbell
Rev. Carrie Leader
Carrie Neal
Cary Welsh
Caryn Graves
Casey Kelly
Rev. Cassandra Nunez
Cassie Neitzey
Catherine Brown
Cathy Courtney
Cecily Dibrell
Celeste Long
Charles (Chuck) Riley
Charles Lambert
Charles Seay
Charles W. Miller
Charlie Gerhardt
Charlie Melton
Charlie Milton
Charline Wilkins
Charlsie Neathery
Cheryl Brown
Cheryl Burnett
Cheryl Chapman
Cheryl Johanning
Cheryl Sawyer
Chris Cragg

Chris Newlin

Chris Noellert
Chris Parker
Rev. Chris Waks
Chrissie Stone
Chrissy Pettys
Christa Hash
Dr. Christian Peccora
Christie Alexander
Rev. Christie Hale
Christina Crockett
Christine Hersh
Christy Cutrone
Dr. Chuck Simmons
Chuck Smith

Chuck Weber
Cindy Ivey
Cindy Nash
Rev. Cindy Serio
CJ Yeoman
Claire Lapointe
Claire Marshall
Clarissa LaRue
Clark Martinson
Claudia Gee Vassar
Clyde Crook
Rev. Collin B. Taylor

Connie Kimmey
Connie Manning
Connie Schneider
Craig Brooks
Cynthia Allen
Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Iuallinr
Cyril Thomas
Rev. Dan Gilliam

Dan Hoge

Dana Cutts
Dana Ruiz

Daniel & Joyce Garza
Daniel Lindsay

Rev. Daniel Miller
Daniel Scholl
Daniel West
Danita Lanier
Daphne Dickerson
Daphne Jones
Darin Thompson
Darrin & Meg St. Amant
Rev. Dr. Darryl W. Stephens
Dava McWhorter
Dave Jones
David and Lisa Asaud
David Brodie
David Buechle
David D. Welsh
David Hanks
David K Johnson
David L Johnson Jr

Rev. David Meeker-Williams
David Patrick
David Pendergast
David R. Brushwood
David Redford
David Shores
Dr. David Vassar
David Zwirn
Davina Hicks
Dawn Uebelhart
Rev. Deanna M. Young
Debbie Moffett
Debbie Ramsey
Debbie Seifert
Debbie Sherrill
Débora Gonzalez de Galdeano
Deborah Brancato

Deborah Doyle
Deborah Hirsch
Debra Dixon
Debra Johnson
Debra Sussman
Dee Cofty
DeeAnn Smith
Denise Childres-Ansell & Lee V Ansell
Denise Dorris
Dennis  Paul  Drake
Dennis Whitr
Devon Jones
Dexter Hill
Diana Brock
Diana Burnham
Diana Dubois
Diana Kennedy
Diana Waks
Rev. Diane McGehee
Dick and Linda Rentz
Dick Graves
Dixie Kee
Rev. Don A Storey Sr
Donald Acton
Rev. Dr. Donald Sinclair
Donna Gilbert
Donna Juul
Donna Reed
Donna Reid, Ed.D.
Donna Rogers
Dorothy Harp
Dorothy Lauterbach
Dorothy Watkins
Dottie Burge
Doug and Nita Heard
Doug Crosson
Doug Kerley
Douglas Gehrke
Douglas Wilson
DW Walker

Dwayne Picou
Dwayne Thomasson
Dwight Phifer
Dylan Cumberland
E. Yvonne Canida
Ed and Susan Conger
Edgar Castlow
Edgar Ruiz
Edward Hjorth
Eileen Holshouser
Elaine Mayo
Elaine Saunders
Elaine Scott
Elena Calvert

Elizabeth Hancock
Elizabeth Henderson
Elizabeth Lloyd
Elizabeth Morrison
Elizabeth Nicole Hill
Elizabeth Pearson
Elizabeth Wachendorfer
Elizabeth Wiggins
Ellen Mercado
Ellen Millard
Ellen Thornburg
Ellery Strength
Ellois Jane Frantz
Rev. Emily Chapman
Emily Evans
Rev. Emily Everett
Emily LaVoy
Emily Ledbetter
Emily Taravella
Emma Center
Eric Grimes
Eric Kerr-Heraly
Eric Netemeyer
Eric R. Liston
Eric Rettig

Eric Ryburn
Eric Vanderbilt
Erin Faseler
Erin Reid
Rev. Ernie Turney
Eva Layton
Fae Webb

Floyd L. Jennings, JD, Phd
Fran DaCosta
Dr. Frank Busch
Frank G. Schlicht, PhD
Frankie Hitt
Franklin Olson

Rev. Fred Carter
Fred Hofheinz
Dr. Frieda Hale
Fulton Broemer
Rev. Gail Williford
Garry Solmonson
Rev. Gary Leinhart
Gayle Culbertson

Gayle Y. Fisher, M.Ed., Ed.Tech.

Gene Bruce

Dr. Genevieve Stevens

Drs. George and Lynn Schroth

Dr. George M Atkinson

George Marshall

Gerald Waltz

Geralf Caliendo

Mark Meador

Mark Mulligan

Markley Rogers

Martha Gau

Martha Hastings

Martha Hunt

Martha Mason

Marti Chandler

Martin L. Mayo

Martin Steinbis

Mary Ann Balock

Mary Ann Wharton

Mary Brannies

Mary Brennan

Mary E Brown

Mary Cooper

Mary Ellen Weylandt

Mary Gay Biser

Mary Gossett

Mary Jane Covington

Mary Lynn Smith

Mary Pat Lafitte

Mary Stephens

Dr. Mary Sue Harrison

Mary Summers

Matt  Darroh

Matt Pettit

Rev. Dr. Matthew H Russell

Matthew Hulon

Matthew Ryan Molder


McKenna Miller

Meagan Sullivan

Megan Brooks

Meghan Gilbert

Meghan Miller

Melinda B. Talley

Melinda Hall

Melissa Adams

Melissa Bailey

Melodie England

Meredith Askham

Merlene McAlevy MD

Michael Dohoney

Michael Ervin

Rev. Michael Gienger

Michael Glazner

Michael Hitt

Rev. Michael Jarboe

Michael & Maria Keith

Michael Putnam

Rev. Michael L. Schutz

Michael Nicholson

Michael Rocha

Michael Rudin

Michael Sullivan

Michelle Benjamin

Michelle Bermingham

Michelle Dutra

Michelle Gregovic

Mike & Laurie Sturdevant

Mike Crippen

Mike Ragsdale

Mike Schatz

Mike Scott

Millie Hast

Rev. Milton S. Jordan

Rev. Mindy Zwirn

Mitzi Ruff

MJ Conklin

Mollie Patrick

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Gilbert

Nan Moore

Nanci Szafarz

Nancy A Curry

Nancy Burch

Nancy Frankel

Dr. Nancy Ginsburg

Nancy Glass

Nancy Harris

Nancy Ireland

Nancy Kelly

Nancy Martin

Nancy Sterling

Nancy Taylor

Nancy Walker and Fletcher Walker

Naomi Mitchum

Natalie Cook Clark

Natalie Medina

Natalie Smith

Rev. Nathan Lonsdale Bledsoe

Nathaniel Dibrell

Neal and Emery Richards

Nelda Brooks

Nicole Gray

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Obert

Nina Hall

Nita Pyle

Rev. Noel Denison

Rev. Nolen Holcomb

Rev. Nona Duree Taylor

Noralyn Carpenter

Norma Foster

Norma Graves

Oland Ruff

Olsonj Franklin

Onalee McEwen

Orell Fitzsimmons

Dr. Orin Smith

P. Milton Gray, M.D.

Page Martinez

Paige Cleland

Pam and Kent Puckett

Pam Ellis

Pam Pool

Pam Schiller

Pam Wells

Pamela Brien

Pamela Dountas

Dr. Pamela Gilbert

Pamila Kelley

Pat Chase

Pat Hammond

Pat Neal

Patria Wortham

Patricia Andrews

Patricia Hutchins

Patricia Jenkins

Patricia Mathis

Patricia Oliverires

Patricia R. Smith

Patricia Scherer

Dr. Patrick Killough

Patsy Howard

Patti Hanson

Patti Hardesty

Patty Albers

Patty Gaupp

Paul Gainey

Rev. Paul Richards-Kuan

Rev. Paul Thomasson

Paul W Parker

Paula Davis

Paula Gregory

Paula Ruth Gochnour

Peggy McClendon

Peggy Newbanks

Peggy Odam

Pennie Opdyke

Penny Buckert

Peyton Gibner

Phil Faseler

Philip Baker

Philip Wharton

Phillip Faseler

Phillip Hunter Stiles

Rev. Preston Morgan

Prissy Grace

Quinn Burhans

Rachel Fisher

Rachel Glazer

Rachel Netemeyer

Rev. Rahel Yoo

Ramona Gibson

Randall Bridges

Randall Greathouse

Randall Jobe

Randolph Scott

Randy Murrow

Raul Vicente

Ray Nelson

Rebecca Christiansen

Rebecca J Caldwell

Rebecca J Hawley

Rebecca Nickens

Rebecca Terry

Rebeccah Wiedeman Shepard

Rene Simon

Renee Hawkins

Renee Stewart

Rhianna Barber

Richard Brubaker

Richard O. Patterson

Richard Ruble

Richard Spaw

Richard Wolfe

Richard Zey

Rick Cassidy

Rick Renshaw

Rev. Rick Tate

Rob Landes

Rob Seible

Robert Anastasia

Robert Anzick

Robert Blain

Robert L.Webb

Robert Manchester

Robert Phillips Jr

Robert Watters

Roberta Perry

Robin Dunn

Robin Elder

Roddy Young

Rodger Standridge

Roger Galpin

Roger Hooper

Roger Smith

Roger Smith

Ronald D. Rogers

Ronald Gilbert

Ron Don Levy

Rose Brewer

Rosemarie Baugher

Rosemarie Williams Foster

Roy Hollis

Rev. Ruby Nelson

Rev. Russell LaGrone

Ryan Jones

Ryan Ruff

Sadie Emery

Sallie Wester

Rev. Sally Couvillion

Sally Horrigan

Sally Switzer

Sam Byous

Sam Stowell

Samantha Voll

Sandra Johnston

Sandra Rahimzadeh

Sandra Redd

Sandy Bankston

Sandy Leffler

Rev. Sandy Londa

Sandy Schladt

Rev. Sara Curley

Dr. Sara Owen-Gemoets

Sarah Balinskas

Sarah Chenault

Sarah Golightly

Sarah Pollack

Sarah Ritchie

Sarah Smith

Sarah Stewart

Sari Frey

Scott Beech

Scott Flippen

Scott Loree

Scott Ramsey

Scott Reid

Scott Riggs

Scott Wagner

Sean Hurst

Sedonia M Finstad

Selesta Webb

Shannon Atnip

Shannon Finger

Shannon Wilson

Sharon Doyle

Sharon L. McKenzie

Sharon Leonard

Rev. Sharon M Watt

Sharon McGaughey

Dr. Sharon Olson

Sharon Taylor

Shawn Farrell

Shawn West

Shawn Woods

Shea Hill

Shelby Haacker-Hunt

Sheri Kelley

Sheri Wong

Sherra Haygood Babcock

Sherry Beeman

Sheryl Taylor

Shirley Blanton

Shirley Leigh

Sina Hale

Skyler Jones

Sonny & Pat Pearson

Stacey Bernhard

Stacey Byram

Rev. Stacy Pever Anzick

Stacy Stepler

Stacye Foster

Steffani Chapman

Dr. Stella Fitzgibbons

Stephanie Berryman

Stephanie Meadows

Rev. Stephanie Scott

Stephen Clark

Stephen Hartung

Stephen Nye

Stephen Rumble

Stephen Schutter

Stephen T. Phillips

Steve Cragg

Steve Ewing

Steve Goad

Steve Neff

Steven Bayless

Steven Fisher

Steven Ista

Steven Yocom

Sue Green

Sue Thompson

Susan Agnew

Susan Alonso

Susan Barnes

Rev. Susan L. Buchanan

Susan Ferrer

Susan Garfield

Susan Katz

Susan Kunz

Susan Patrick

Susan Rhodes

Susan Walker Graham

Rev. Susan Wiley

Susanna Hooper

Susie Ragsdale

Rev. Dr. Suzan Carter

Suzanne Baker

Suzanne Gomez

Suzanne McDougle

Suzanne Morgan

Sydney Cooksey

Sydney Slack

Dr. Tara Devine

Tara Hunsucker

Taylor Morrison

Ted Holland

Tereasa Reimer

Teresa Clemens

Terri Alley

Terry Allen

Rev. Terry Dougherty

Theodore Jurek

Thomas Childers

Thomas E Craig

Thomas Gomez

Thomas Leffler

Rev. Thomas W. Daugherty

Tiffany Jenkins

Tiffin Wilsford

Tina Throckmorton

Tom Davis

Tom Irving

Dr. Tom Kennedy

Tom Thompson

Rev. Tom Stephenson

Tom Talbot

Dr. Tommy Harrison

Tongula Steddum

Tony Tuckwiller

Tonya Rainey Anderson

Tracy Moore

Tracy Torma

Trevor Warren

Rev. Trey Comstock

Tricia Lynn

Vanessa Leonard

Vic Driscoll

Vicie Coleman

Vicki Jones

Vicki Jud

Vicki Waters

Vickie Al-Dubais

Vickie Honeycutt

Victoria Schutter

Vincent J McDermott

Virginia Mahan

Virginia N. Rogers

Virginia Roberts

Virginia Steele

Rev. Dr. W. Hooper Haygood

Walker Metyko

Walt Agnew

Wanda Pearrie

Warren & Marsha Holleman

Weldon Eggert

Wes Wilson

Whitney Peper

Will Davis

Rev. Dr. Will Reed

Dr. William B. Smith

William Flowers

William Patrick

William Tayar

Rev. Dr. Wilson T. Boots

Zane Ann Tigett

Gerda Gomez

Gina Ulbricht

Ginny Drusch

Rev. Ginny Griggs Tincher

Gladys Wilson

Dr. Glenda Owen

Glenn Hopkins

Rev. Glynden Bode

Grace Olander

Grace Roman


Grayson Taylor

Greg Grant

Gregg Farris

Gregory Wilson

Gretchen Van Deusen

Dr. H. Eugene Cragg

H. Williams

Haley Brown

Haley Feuerbacher

Haley Shields

Haley Watters

Hannah Goodearle

Rev. Hannah Terry

Harold Loden

Hattie Axtell McKinley

Heather Menzies

Rev. Heidi Cain

Helen Bauer

Helen Blair

Helen Spaw

Henry Chiu

Herb Agan

Holly Hudley

Holly Smitj

Howard Victor Wimberly Jr.

Hugh Shannonhouse

Rev. Ingrid Akers

Isaiah Watkins, Jr.

Dr. J Robert Gochnour

J. M. Howard Jr.

Dr. J. Mark Spangler

Rev. Dr. J. Randall Zercher

Prof. J. T. Oldham

J.C. Morris

Jack Cade

Jack Jackson

Jack White

Jacque Halverson

Jacqueline Nwankwo

Jaime Martinez

Dr. James A. Driy

James Balock

James Brown

James Cross

James Dale

Rev. James H McPhail

James J. McKinley

James LeBoeuf

James R. Cobb

James Shaddix

James Sharp

James W Pate

James Wunrow

Jamie Block

Jan Moore

Jan Randolph

Jan Silliman

Dr. Jan Wheeler

Jana Smith

Jane Erskine

Jane Fieldcamp

Jane Katz

Jane P. Ista

Jane Stowell

Jane Thiel

Jane Thornburg

Janet Berzins

Janet Jackson

Janet Kapusta

Janet Kennedy

Janet Reed

Janet Sobey

Janet Thompson

Janet Wahrlich

Janet Wilson

Janette Zercher

Janice Barber

Janice Braud

Janice Chang

Janice Dana

Janice Dupré

Janice Gorman

Janie Greenway

Janie McPhail

Janie Simmonds

Janine Roberts

Jano Nixon Kelley

Jason Ragsdale

Jay Campbell

Jay Roberts

Jay Scott Simpson

Jayne Collins

Jayne Rocha

Jean Haws

Jean Vining

Jeanie Brady

Jeff Mollhagen

Jeff Scott

Dr. Jeffrey Hoover

Jen Gresley

Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Drake

Jennifer Hanson

Jennifer J. West

Jennifer L. Simmons

Jennifer Murrell

Jennifer Patrick

Jennifer Rossi

Jennifer Simon, JD, LCSW

Jennifer Simons

Rev. Jennifer Veres-Schrecengost

Rev. Jenny T. Lannom

Jenny Willis Beech

Jerilyn Collins

Jerilynn Daugherty

Jerry Choate

Jerry Lummus

Jessica Tipple

Jewell Maddox

Jill Oliver

Jill Wallace

Rev. Jim Bankston

Jim Benton-Henningsen

Jim Carter

Jim Roman

Jim Wiggins

Jimmy Jones

Jimmy Principe

Jo Finkle

Joan Spaw

Joann and David Magdanz

Joann Seuser

Joanna Nelson

Jody Griggs

Joe Floyd

Rev. Joe Miller, Jr.

Joe Teagarden

Joellen Snow

Johanna Hankins

Johanna Wolfe

John A Voll

John A. Lehner

John Alden Hughes Wright

John Baugher

John Bednorz

John Blackman

John Boyd

John Curry

John Dupuy

John Elkinton

John Eshleman

John French

John Goddin

Dr. John J Nemecek

John N. Thornburg

John Patlan

John R Olszewski

John Reynolds

Dr. John S. Olson

John Snyder

John Stokes

John Tinsley

Rev. John Warren

John Watson

John Wilmore

John Woodard

Johnene Horton

Jonathan Wang

Jordan Comparin

Jordan McPhail

Jordan Morgan

Rev. Joseph Yoo

Josh Wharton

Joshua Poole

Joy Jordan

Joyce Sains

Judi Messina

Judith B. Dean

Judith Rader

Judy Baldwin

Judy Dean

Judy Graves

Judy Leatherwood Smith

Judy Redenius

Julia Hill

Julia Riley

Julie Burke

Julie Osterman

Justin M. Flint

Kaila Smith

Karen Anderson Darmer

Karen Brennan

Karen Ethun

Karen Evard

Karen Ewing

Karen Fitch

Karen Fitzgerald

Karen Hendley

Karen Martin

Karen Reed

Karen Sullivan

Karen Taylor

Karon Taylor

Karyl White

Kate Mosel

Kate Principe

Kate Richter

Kate Teagarden

Katherine Coleman

Katherine Sinclair

Kathleen Gonzales

Kathleen Irving

Kathleen Spangler

Kathleen Waugh

Kathryn Beaird

Kathryn Courtney

Kathryn King Coleman

Kathryn Pettys

Kathryn Priest

Kathy Barkley

Kathy Behrman

Kathy Dittmar

Kathy Huffman

Kathy Hutson

Kathy Kraiza

Kathy Muston

Rev. Katie Eichler

Katie White

Katy Martin

Katy Sabayrac

Kay Henbest

Rev. Kay Johnson

Kay McCall

Kay Meador

Rev. Dr. Keith A. Jenkins

Keith Bomds

Keith Ross

Rev. Keith Swatzel II

Kelley Burd-Huss

Kelley Burhans

Kelli Davis

Kelly Breazeale

Kelly Cragg Vicente

Kelly D. Rominger

Kelly O'Grady

Rev. Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Wallin

Kelsea Skidmore

Kelsey Goenner

Ken Albers

Ken Gregg

Ken Smith

Kenneth and Mary Knowlton

Kenneth Malone

Kennidi Bowsher

Kenny Ragland

Kerri Snyder

Kevin Borque

Kevin Geurts

Kevin Page

Kevin Patrick

Rev. Kevin Young

Rev. Kim Mabry

Kim McCumber

Rev. Kim Poer

Kim Renick

Kimberly Hickson

Rev. Kimberly M. Carney

Kimberly Watson

Krissy Crosier

Krista Bednorz

Kristen Melcher

Kristen Roberts

Kristin Berry

Kristin Lamb

Kristine Nguyen

Kyle Cooke

Kyle Shores

Kyle Smith

Kyle Thiel

Kyttie Sanford

L. Zamorano

Lahonda Sharp

Laila Al-Dubais

Lana Bowsher

Lana Walker

Lane Johnson

Laquita Showen

Larry Broughton

Larry Laidig

Larry Moore

Larry Walters

Lary B.

Laura McNeil Burns

Laura Millikan

Laura Patrick

Laura Young

Lauran Kerr-Heraly

Dr. Lauren E. Dunn

Laurie Brown

Laurie Gerken Redd

Dr. Le’Ann Solmonson

Leah Barton

Leah Center

Leah Ibarguen

Leah Powell

Leah Stevens

Leah Taylor

Leah Teagarden

Lee Chenault

Leticia White

Lillian and Christian Anfosso

Lillian Flurry

Lillian Tharp

Linda Collazos

Linda Crosson

Linda E Francis

Linda Elliott

Linda McReynolds

Linda Schacht

Linda Smith

Linda Thompson

Linda Wilshire

Rev. Lindsay Smith

Rev. Lindsey Smith

Lindy Jenkins

Rev. Lisa Beth White

Lisa Dibrell

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Jones

Lisa Martinson

Lisa McCulloch

Lisa Rajulu

Lisa Watters

Liz Mayerich

Londa Wright

Lonny Kelley

Loraine Perkins

Lorri White

Louis Sabayrac Jr

Lourene Medlow

Lucas LaVoy

Luke Horton

Luther Todd

Rev. LyAnna Johnson

Lydia Cox

Lynda Sasser

Lynell Kennedy

Lynn Chamberlain

Lynn Corazao

Lynn West

Rev. Lynn L. Willhite

M. Kirstine Benoit

M. Schreiber

Mackenzie Jones

Major L. Swindell III

Dr. Mallory Gessner-Wharton

Mallory Miller

Mallory Shaddix

Marc Shellum

Marc Szafarz

Marc W. Boots

Marc Waters

Marcia Mathes

Margaret C Glueck

Margaret Moore

Margie C. Higgins

Margie Voll

Margo Withers

Maria Cassidy

Rev. Marilyn Meeker-Williams

Marilyn White

Marion McWhorter

Marjory Taylor

Mark A Spilman

Mark Chatfield

Mark Hager

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